Coachi Chase & Treat Navy, Lime & Coral

The Coachi Chase & Treat is a mentally stimulating toy, that can be filled with treats to encourage interaction. Perfect for dogs less interested in toys, it is great for motivating dogs to play and chase. This fun interactive toy can be thrown without treats falling out, so rewards can be delivered at distance. Perfect for agility and distance training. This stimulating toy is suitable for different ages and breeds of dog. It’s super easy to use, just fill with treats and throw for your dog to play! Harness the power of play and become your dog’s best friend. The Coachi reward toys have been designed for you and your dog to have fun together whilst training. Maintain the energy and enthusiasm by only using these toys as part of interactive play. The Coachi range was created by the experts at Company of Animals and it is designed to focus on promoting effective, humane and positive methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs.

Suitable for Species: Dogs
Barcode: 886284416207

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