Coachi Multi-Clicker Navy, Coral Button

The Coachi Multi-Clicker has a patented volume control with 3 settings, allowing you to adjust for a distinctive sound for nervous and sound sensitive dogs and to cater for those more boisterous canines! The adjustable volume means the Multi-Clicker is perfect for puppies too. Clicker training is easy, fun and effective! This popular training method uses positive reinforcement to reward good behaviour. Great for teaching fun tricks as well as basic commands, like sit, down and stay. It has a raised thumb-piece for easy use and an adjustable wrist strap for the perfect fit, so great for children and adults and it’s even reflective too! The Coachi Multi-Clicker is available in a choice of two colours either predominantly Navy, with Coral accents or predominantly Coral with Navy accents. The Coachi range was created by the experts at Company of Animals and it is designed to focus on promoting effective, humane and positive methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs.

Suitable for Species: Dogs
Barcode: 886284411233

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