Coachi Puppy Training Line Navy 2.5m

The Coachi Puppy Training Line, is a great solution to help teach a puppy or new dog how to behave at home, it helps stop unwanted behaviour and makes puppy training easy! This lightweight line is used in the house to interrupt a puppy’s unwanted behaviours without the need for confrontation or misunderstanding. Simply use the line to help maintain control, for example, standing on the line to prevent jumping up is great for greeting new visitors or someone arriving at the door. Designed to interrupt behaviours such as stealing & sitting on furniture, simply use the line to direct away from unwanted places & to reel them in. The line allows you to interrupt your puppy’s unwanted behaviour and redirect them towards more positive activities. The Coachi range was created by the experts at Company of Animals and it is designed to focus on promoting effective, humane and positive methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs.

Suitable for Species: Dogs
Barcode: 886284412209

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