Coachi Whizzclick Navy, Light Blue Button

The Coachi Whizzclick is a great training accessory that combines two of our most popular dog training tools; a clicker and a whistle. Clicker training is one of the most popular forms of reward based training and is great for all ages of puppies and dogs. Whistle training is also a very useful training method, as it helps standardise commands, which is great if different members of the family are involved. Using a whistle allows you to have control over a greater distance and enables use to use distance commands, such as ‘sit’. The Coachi Whizzclick is also a great combination for improving recall; use the whistle to recall the dog and click to reward once the dog has returned. The Coachi Whizzclick is available in a choice of two colours either predominantly Navy, with a Light Blue button or predominantly Light blue with a Navy button. The Coachi range was created by the experts at Company of Animals and it is designed to focus on promoting effective, humane and positive methods, making training simple and rewarding for both owners and their dogs.

Suitable for Species: Dogs
Barcode: 886284411103

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